CHOPTA (Chopta Village in Uttarakhand)

If ever you long to visit the Alps in Switzerland and find the trip unaffordable, then come loose yourself along with family and friends in Chopta, in Uttarakhand state. Aptly described as the ‘Mini Switzerland, this land has it all to mesmerize you into complete submission to Mother Nature’s limitless gifts.

Yes, indeed. The relatively small but extremely salubrious Chopta is unparalleled when it comes to snow clad mountains, streams, deodars, rhododendrons and more. What is more, it is right next door and there is always to take care of all your travel related chores in a totally hassle free and professional manner.

Travel to Chopta with us and get to enjoy your vacation to the full

Leave it to us to take care of you. And we will do so in the form of tailor made and well thought out tour packages to this breathtakingly picturesque hill station to beat all hill stations. Your to and fro travel to Chopta, your stay, the trekking and local sightseeing, food etc. all will be covered by us in such a manner that you will return not only with happy memories of the hills, but also of us as well.

Nestling along the mighty and awe inspiring Himalayas in the district of Rudraprayag is the land of boundless beauty and tranquility – Chopta. The towering Chandrashila peak can be viewed from many of the vantage points that are strewn across the length and breadth of this region. The summit overlooks the entire region as a citadel.

The hill station itself is about 2700 mts above sea level and there is jaw dropping scenery wherever your eyes roam. Enough for a life time’s soaking in of what a hill holiday can offer.

Here is a brief mention of some of the local spots and attractions of Chopta –
- Chopta is a trekker’s dream come true. What with only four km of relatively easy trek taking you to vantage positions in the hills where automatically a shout of Wow! Is going to come out of everyone’s mouth. And let us remind you remain amazed in the wonderment for a majority of your outdoor treks and adventures.

- The highly revered Tungnath temple in the Rudraprayag region is of course a must in your scheduled visits.

- As are the Devariya Tal and Kartikswami trekking options.

- There is always the snow trek opportunities available for those who wish to venture out to this captivating mountainous land in the winters.

- All around there is only nature’s bounty for you to endlessly receive and rejuvenate yourself in. It is said that there is so much of flora and fauna in Chopta alone that you will need a lifetime to see and experience them all

The next time you plan a trip to the hills, just remember, and see the difference it makes to your visit to the enchanting hills of Chopta.