Camp in Chopta

Come to Chopta, and Live a Serene and Tranquil Life
There is simply so much to see, do and generally experience in Chopta that no amount of description will do justice to them.

Still, at Chopta Trekking Package (A unit of Ganga Valley Adventure) it is our sincere and earnest objective to render the ultimate tour to entire families, groups and even individuals that it stays in your minds till the very last. After all, there is no end to perfection and this is exactly what we also strive at.

It is precisely in this endeavour that we recommend greatly to one and all to stay at eco-friendly and close to nature in every which way resorts rather than in any conventional hotels with all the all too familiar facilities.

One such option that you can try out camp stay in Chopta. Affording a highly unique experience is this property that ensures that you spend the kind of quality time here that is so perfect purely from the environment friendliness point of view. The camp itself is located just two km away from Chopta in the Rudraprayag region of Uttarakhand.

Enjoy camp stay in the lap of Mother Nature
In keeping with the concept of ensuring the peace, and tranquility of the region, the camp stay offers well equipped tents that surprisingly are not at all short of the regular luxuries that you expect from any star properties anywhere.

But extreme care and precaution is taken to render the place, vicinity and region, as pristine, clean, and unpolluted as it realistically can. This is done so by putting in place a system of housekeeping and health oriented experience that you will find totally unique and very much in keeping with the basic theme and need of the hour.

There is actually no compromise on luxury, only the right conduct is needed
Each and every single artifact, furniture, object, etc. within the eco camp is conceptualized and designed in such a way that even with their combined might they eventually leave only very minimal or preferably nil human imprint or influence on the prevailing one hundred per cent pure environment.

All this does not in the least imply that you would be leading a very rigid, extremely disciplined and nothing at all is permitted to do sort of stay. Instead, every single activity that you have planned starting with treks, rock climbing, etc. to local visits to the famous temples, and wildlife sanctuaries all will be very much there to engage you.

Only you would be required to do your bit to help the camp staff to add if possible more points of peace and serenity to the environs.

It is said that nothing is more liberating than be embraced tightly and snugly by Mother Nature herself. Well, be prepared for this once in a lifetime experience with us during your next visit to Chopta.